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² Terms and Conditions of Membership

The purpose of this group is to facilitate understanding and compassion through positive lived experiences. This group is intended to be a safe space where ethnic people, especially those who identify as part of the rainbow community, and their allies can find and discuss resources to help them navigate the intersectionality of challenges facing ethnic members of the rainbow community. This group is also intended (and encourages participation of) family and friends who want to learn how to be better allies. By joining this group, you agree, acknowledge and accept that:

    1. UNLESS EXPRESSLY STATED OTHERWISE, all group discussions are to be treated confidentially. This may be a matter of public safety. Thank you for your understanding.
    2. Contributions are to be made in a respectful and meaningful manner with a view to foster understanding.
    3. ABSOLUTELY NO prejudice, discrimination or hate speech against members of this group or members of the wider rainbow community will be tolerated.