Ethnic+ is a not-for-profit networking association for the CALD Rainbow community and its allies.

Ethnic: is defined and understood as a population subgroup with a common national or cultural tradition within a larger national or cultural group.

We recognise that Australia is a melting pot of diverse and vibrant ethnicities, cultures, languages, sex, sexualities and genders.

Together, let’s create inclusive spaces for all

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Friends, family, members of the Ethnic Rainbow community and Allies, please join us! This is what we are all about. Getting together, busting stereotypes and supporting the visibility, connections and support for the CALD Rainbow community and their allies.

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Ethnic+ has so much fun creating content by ethnic rainbow people for CALD rainbow people and their families and allies. Check out our latest shenanigans, thoughts and feelings here. We would also love to hear from you!

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Help us to create an inclusive and safe Australia for all. Ethnic+ welcomes and encourages support by the way of donations, in-kind donations and helping us spread awareness.

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